Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I forgot to include the price of two little boys' haircuts last Friday. I could possibly cut their hair myself, but it would take a LOT longer and they'd probably end up wearing a hat until we could get the mistakes corrected. So I take them to a small kids' salon about 10 miles south where the lady swings them up on a toy motorcycle, goes snip snip and about 5 minutes later their hair is perfect.

It costs $15 per boy, and I give her a $5 tip, so that's $35 out.

This weekend was low-charge because we didn't do much. I brought my food to the office.

But I have done a lot of grocery shopping in the last two days. It felt like a lot since I haven't spent that much in the last two weeks, but when I compare it what I usually spend weekly on groceries, it wasn't bad. And, we're going to use it all. There should also be a lot more room in our freezer at the end of the month since we're using everything up.

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Sarah O. said...

Goodness, you have a stealth blog!

Interesting concept. I'm currently reeling that I spent about $150 at Costco buying everyday staples like detergents, toilet paper and pain killers. I needed the pain killers immediately for my instant how-can-this-stuff-cost-so-bloody-much? migraine.